Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thought Points

I don't have any kind of cohesive lesson or insight. Just a few thoughts:

1. It felt good to train last night, after missing a week of training.

2. I realized I like when visitors watch us train-- it makes me recall my first weeks at Temple, where I was utterly out of my comfort zone, but at the same time felt like I had finally found this place and these people that made sense to me. It makes me wonder what that person sitting there watching is thinking, and reminds me how far I/we have come.

3. I had to rush out last night to meet some friends for drinks back in Brooklyn. I'm pretty sure I left Temple too early though: As soon as I got to the bar, I started doing the Leg Sweep, like that's a completely normal thing to do. I felt kinda cool and kinda dorky, but mostly dorky. I am OK with that. But I'm not sure if the proprieters of the bar were.

4. My new strategy for healing my Shaolin Butt Sword is to make my butt stronger. It is my understanding that once a tendon is loose, you can't really tighten it again. The only thing you can do is strengthen the muscles around it. Any insight, anyone?

Love, Buns-of-Steel!!!


  1. hahaha...the sign of a true kung fu dork! doing moves while at a bar...truly dorkilcious!

  2. There are a couple of views I have with doing sweeps, forms, and even caijao at the bar:
    1. Your expressing yourself! Awesome!! Love it!!
    2. Training is something you love to do!!
    3. You don't really care about what other people think!
    4. Learning something new and wanting to perfect it!! Awesome in many ways!
    5. Either None of the above, all of the above, either and combinations of 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the options that I mentioned! hehe :)

    Any other thoughts to add to this list??

  3. I've found myself doing the same sort of thing, either at home after practice, or in the bathroom at work in the middle of the day before practice, or any number of other places.

    I think it's important that it get inside of you, in your heart and your head; I've had "a-ha" moments sitting on the train about body position or arm movement that I couldn't wait to try out, and showing someone how to do something is amazingly helpful for you as well.

    So I say do it - If the mood strikes you, let it out. Holding it in can't help, at best you just bottle up and dissipate all that Chi with no benefit, and at worst you teach yourself to stand still when you really want to move.

  4. i love practicing in front of the mirrors in the ladies' room while at work! when i first started learning fanyao, i practiced in one hallway in the office that is lined with file cabinets to force myself to rotate my arms in a flat plane. so every once in a while, i'm sure my coworkers would hear the crashing sound i'd make when slamming into the cabinets. now, i don't hit them (the cabinets, not the coworkers) as much anymore!