Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is there a muscle-milk-melon?

Last night's class was infinitely less tragic than Monday's heat-fest. There was a big group, lots of chi, and 5 people on line doing staff during forms. After class we had watermelon again thanks to Heng Mo, and I must say, it's my new favorite post-training snack. I never used to be much of a fan but after sweating through a hot class it's the only think I want to put in my body except 3 gallons of water. As much fun as I have going to dinner, the inevitable noodles, meat and tea don't really sit well with me after class, especially late at night. The sugar and water of the watermelon are just right. But I also feel like I should be putting protein back into my body for my muscles to rebuild. I know we've covered this before, but what is your ideal post-training meal - specifically for a night class? Extra-specifically in the dog days of summer. I'm curious if other people feel woozy whenever they walk out of Thai Son...


  1. I am not much of meat eater, so I usually try to get my protein elsewhere. Either with organic soy milk or something that is low fat and a plant based protein.

    My favorite food after training in winter or summer is freshly cut fruit . Watermelon is probably at the top of that list. My ideal meal after class would probably be going to Whole Foods and making my own vegan salad. Broccoli, spinach, carrots, artichoke, mushrooms, nuts, with whole-grain breads and pasta. And an apple for dessert.

  2. Neo's Recovery Smoothie:
    A few heaping tablespoons yoghurt
    1/2 frozen banana
    some frozen berries
    1/2 scoop protein powder
    1 teaspoon gelatin
    flax seed oil
    (optional, acai bowder, glutamine, etc)
    1/2ish cup OJ/milk

    It works.

    Also, as soon as possible after class, I'd get some carbs and protein, generally some trail mix and an amino acid pill. That's also surprisingly important. The exercise optimizers seem to think it's important to get carbs and a little protein immediately after a workout, then protein within an hour or two. Seems to work for me.

  3. gelatin is good for your fingernails, right?

  4. and then you can do better tiger claw?

  5. More like kitten paw for me :-)

    The gelatin helps rebuild the soft tissue that can get damaged when you train hard. It's basically the same stuff as tendon, only less fun to eat.