Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heat Wave Level 2

Congratulations to everybody that made it through the class last night! It was tough - not necessarily tiring - but tough even with the fan working, and a few extra walks and water breaks. During the second half of the class, 6 or 7 of us rotated through forms for almost an hour. That was probably the longest hour I've ever had training.

It was so hot and muggy last night, I tried the one-arm-exposed uniform for the first time. I noticed an extraordinary lightness on my right arm doing Erluquan - which contains a lot of right arm movements. Thinking about it, I realized that I got used to training with the sleeves. Without one of them, my arm felt much lighter. Imagine if I'm used to training with other weight. How much more awesome I would be?

Maybe Richu walking around with 2 tons backpack and ankle weights is on to something.

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