Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Significant Growth

So, it's taken about seven months, but I've finally gotten back to where I was in September: my hair that is. Friday and last night I finally gotten to experiment with pulling my hair back and out out of my face for pretty much the first time since I originally hacked it off a year ago. It was just getting to this length in September when I shaved it all away and I have to say, as totally comical as it may look, it feels 100% better to have it out of my eyes. I don't know how guys manage with these medium-short haircuts.

Getting my hair and the dripping sweat out of my face made for a much better training situation. However, I was still whipping sweat around during the hour of xuanzis we did last night. Is it really the Shaolin Shower time of year again already? Soon having the hair pulled back won't be enough. What to do? I have toyed with the idea of a sweatband but I think it will look kinda silly. Elaine rocks a bandanna, but I would probably end up spending more time fidgeting with it than using it to keep my face dry. Now, if we had Shaolin temple sweatbands that said "More chi!" I would wear them. Because that wouldn't look silly at all...

1 comment:

  1. i wore sweatbands for the first few months when i started (note: i had hair). Eventually they just got nasty even after washing them, so I stopped using them. I could have just bought more, but didn't feel like it.