Friday, May 2, 2008

Lessons of the Day

Last night, I took away three thoughts:

(1) I really love it when very senior students who don't usually come to Level 1 like Khalid or Randy, or Hwalan/Yuen last night, show up and train with us. It's like a subtle form of raising the chi level. Their mere presence provide excellent examples of what levels we can strive for in our training, as well as inspiration for contemplating training for the long term. So, hint-hint, hope to see you more! Amituofo!

(2) After class, instead of the usual walk to Thai Son, Sucheela and I decided to hop on the train home. And instead of making our way down the platform to the next to last car for our exit, we decided to park our butts on a bench in the subway while waiting for the train. When the train finally pulled in, I got up to move and couldn't walk without pain! Something like a ligament connected to my calf in my bad leg had tightened up while we were sitting (and plus the night was cool and damp outside). So, I limped onto the train and limped home. I was worried that it would be less than temporary and would get worse if I slept like that so I stayed up and massaged that mutha-effa till it finally relaxed. Today when I got up, it appeared to be gone, thank goodness.

So, if I decide to bolt straight for the train again after class, I will not just park myself on a bench...I will exhibit utmost dorkiness and continue to stretch and do kung fu on the platform to keep from tightening up.

(3) Never never ever eat a whole burrito for lunch on a training day. NEVER! That shit be sittin' in my stomach like a friggin' brick house!

I hate you, burrito...HATE YOU!!

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  1. Or we can walk around the block instead of just heading straight to the subway.