Saturday, March 8, 2008

Leader of the Pack

Everyone remembers their first time...the first time you lead the line, the first time you don't get sent back to KFK, the first time you learn a form, the first time you teach... :D Yesterday was the second time I ever did a double (1.5 since L2 was only an hour because of movie night) and it was the first time I led the line in both classes. I've led the line in L2 before, I actually don't remember the first time it happened. There's less shifting around in L2 and classes are smaller so I guess it didn't make that big of an impression on me. But today, not only did I lead the line in the Level 1 class the entire time both before and after stretching and was the only one there teaching during forms, in L2 I was at the front the entire time except for a few moves when Randy was in front of me when the lines merged. But when he had to step to the side during jumping, I was in the front the rest of the class.

It was really interesting to compare the different sensations of being in the front in the two classes. Where you are in line in L2 is really no indicator of your speed/skill/experience to those behind you; I was in front of Han which I think fairly proves my point. Whereas, in L1 generally, the leaders are at least the fastest, if not the most advanced. At the very least they're the ones with the chi/fear of Sifu's scowl to jump to the front of the line. And when you're in the front you feel the responsibility for setting the example, and keeping up the chi, and training as hard as possible. It was an interesting contrast. But more interesting that it took until after L2 was over before I realized that I had led twice in one day and how bizarre that was in the evolution of my KF training. None of it really means anything; you have to keep training harder. But it was fun to spend yesterday in a place I never would have imagined myself a year ago. Can't begin to imagine where I'll be next year!


  1. i don't remember my first times for any of those

    i do remember after learning xubu counting how many moves i knew and thinking "wow i know 5 moves now, cool!" hehe

    yea it's definitely true where you are in line doesn't indicate skill. whenever i see demo people train, usually they aren't in the front. including zhong and gu when they used to be around regularly. i think you reach a certain point and you just start to focus on your movements and doing them correctly more.

    like jin for example, he's always in the back in a level 1 class but he's doing everything slow, sharp, and clean. love it.

  2. Today is the first time I ripped my pants. (cry) :'(

  3. Leo- I have ripped my pants at least 4 times!!! Monks usually always carried two things with them. A bowl for alms and a needle.

    I now come packing with a sewing machine. LOL

  4. I don't like being first in line

  5. I remember the first time I dribble.


  6. Does that mean that if you don't rip your pants you don't have chi? it that Shaolin uniforms are just poorly made?

    and Sucheela!!! Ewwww!!!

  7. Sucheela you use to play basketball?