Thursday, March 6, 2008

If you were a kung fu move...

...what would you be? And why? I would be Gongbu shuang tuizhang housatui gongbu liangzhang. Because it's a compilation of a lot of different things. And also it is like a move that has one foot in L1 and one in L2; it sounds more impressive/complicated than it really is.

Thanks to Richu for posing the question. :D


  1. I want to be gongbu

    grounded low humble elegant and powerful!

  2. I want to be Xubu!

    Than everything snaps into place!

  3. i think i am like mabu, trying to be symmetrical, balanced and well-grounded, and looking both ways before i strike.

  4. Qiándèngtŭi: Straightforward. Not particularly elegant or explosive, but powerful.

  5. On behalf of Ji: she would be Tengkong wai bai lian. Pretty but useless in a fight. :D

    Though I'm pretty sure I saw one in Crouching Tiger.... could be like a deceptively pretty secret weapon.......

  6. Ji said I'm xuanfengjiao (not just because I'm the only one who can pronounce it).

    I replied that I feel I'm more to the point (like what Jer said), but I do have the power. And she said I make myself heard like one.

    So I guess if you're making a big point, it's to the point.

    So yea that works...Wait I wasn't very direct in that explanation at all lol.

    Wait Qiandengtui not explosive? What Qiandengtui are you talking about sir?

    And Richu, I think water break suits you perfectly. =)

  7. I would be 仰身雲手 (Yăngshēn Yúnshŏu - Upward Facing Body Cloud Hands).

    No matter which direction you are facing, you are always planted in the same spot. It doesn't matter if you look to the future or reminisce about the past, those are illusions. The present moment is exactly where you are. And where you are, is exactly where you should be.

    I also love the name of the move. It's very poetic both in chinese and english. Cloud hands. I dream of soft caring clouds gliding through the sky. Dissipating, formless, endless. The supplier of life giving rain. The destructive force of a hurricane. No objective. No design. Every moment alive and never the same again.

  8. Qiandengtui isn't nearly as explosive as Cèchuàitŭi. I'd say it might be the least explosive of the "combat" kicks. Try it on the bag. It's got *mad* pushing power, but if you're trying to fold the bag in half, it's not the best kick to use.

  9. gosh that's a hard one - i would love to choose so many but having briefly talked about it with cheng (& the myriad choices), i would say pubu chuanzhang lunbi zaquan - ever moving, flowing, extended, rythmical & ultimately powerful & complicated.
    man, i can't wait to train again!