Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Last night was the first N'ou Level 2 class I've had since coming back from vacation. I can't believe it's been over 3 weeks!!! I like Level 2 training because with different people teaching the classes are always a surprise. I like mixing it up. Being back in a class with N'ou was great, and he mixed up the order a little from the one we had settled into.

Usually we do bawang zakui after most of the basics. We hit it around 7:40 or so. How do I know so accurately? Because I kind of dread doing it and waste a lot of mental energy trying to psych myself up for not blowing my left handed ceshoufan. Lately they've been getting better actually. I've been doing a fair amount of ceshoufans before class. But for some reason I still occasionally choke. Something's off with my timing. So when N'ou called out "bawang zakui" at 7:20 in the middle of basics, my stomach did a flip flop because I was totally not expecting it.

Happily, though, I did it fine, without choking, even when we had to do two in a row. Plus, it cleared my mind from worrying about it for the rest of basics. I'm a worrier. We've established. So it was great to have that particular worry cleared from my mind. Hopefully I will now be able to let go of it in the future. I just hope I don't unconsciously replace it with some new ridiculous fear.........


  1. This post hits me with an interesting question. What move does everyone fear?

    For me, it's cetitui. Not sure why, maybe it's just an instinctual fear that I will pull my groin muscles and never walk again. Unfounded...I know...I know...

  2. Definitely Ceshoufan.

    I also have a new found fear: ripping my pants doing chujiquantao. It started when we had this conversation about holes in pants in the dressing room one day. I feel like eventually it will happen to me. And it will happen when I do chujiquantao. I just hope that I have decent undergarment that day.

  3. Recently it has been the sweep kick only cos that's how I hurt my knee 4 months ago, and I only resumed doing it in erluquan in January, but I think I'm getting better at dropping down into it. I hope!

  4. Oh yeah! Chujiquantao and my pants definitely don't get along. Many a time I had to pull my pants up right before they fell off to reveal my sweaty undergarments. Eww...

    What is it about chujiquanto and pants!?

  5. Y'all are crazy. I've never gotten close to ripping my pants in cugi...

    I have, however, ripped the ties off my shirt in chugi, twice.

  6. Better sweaty underwear than no underwear. :D That's why I don't wear cotton. Airwick is nice and stretchy.