Friday, February 15, 2008

Singles Night-Shaolin Style

I will admit I went to training last night with low expectations. I knew a lot of people would be taking the night off for Valentine's Day and I already had a list of folks I knew wouldn't be there. Nonetheless, I was looking forward to enjoying a low-key class with the few and strong who showed up. Funny how things never work out as you expect....

Class was outstanding. At 14 people it wasn't huge but it wasn't the anticipated ghost town either. Randy was there providing his characteristic inspirational chi, and that set the ball rolling for me. First he helped me work on kip ups for half an hour before class (inspired by Mo's success I am soooooooo close), then Huan arrived and we messed around with tornado kicks till class started. Class itself was great, everyone was in a fun mood and it filled the room with energy. At stretching I was able to sink my straddle lower than ever, and even allowed them to give me a little push....

Maybe it was the Valentine's sugar I indulged in, but I felt so peppy the entire class and it went with me all the way home. I missed not having the usual posse there, but it was great to find the chi with other people and celebrate the holiday doing what we love. Hope those of you who didn't make it had a great Valentine's!

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