Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vote for Zhong, Part Deux!

Our Temple brother, Heng Zhong aka Rick Seedman, is at it again for G4's American Ninja Warrior Challenge 2. Despite missing the cut last time, like a true Shaolin warrior, Zhong worked hard at improving his submission, and consequently made the second round of competition. Hooray!

His video, as shown above, has been selected as one of sixteen video finalists, and the top six vote getters will be flown to LA to compete. So here is where he needs your chi! Go here to support Zhong in his quest to become the ultimate NINJA WARRIOR! You will need to register to vote asap!

Update 2/19: G4 announced the finalists tonight, and Rick made it through! He will be competing in LA in March soon. Congrats, Zhong! We'll be watching and rootin' for ya!


  1. First I just watched Rick's video and was all "Yay Rick! Vote for Rick!" I play to my biases, sorry. But - after watching all the videos and attempting to be very objective, I can honestly say I think Rick has the best, most well-rounded video on there. Vote for Rick!

  2. How is it possible you have time to watch all the videos? Aren't there like 16 of them?

    Vote for Rick!

  3. So? Richu watched them all TWICE.