Monday, December 17, 2007

The Big Vinegar Experiment

I did it. I washed my clothes with vinegar. Out of the dryer, they smell nice and fresh like usual. I'll be using the vinegar washed uniforms through out this week.

If I smell a little sour during/after training, you know why.


Monday - It worked! It worked! My uniform and tank top smelled fresh and clean the entire class. Out of the plastic bag at home, they still don't stink. Oh wait - it's the orange uniform which I acquired only a few months ago. It hasn't been through the summer sweat season yet. So I guess the real test will be tomorrow...

Tuesday - Didn't train. Ate too much at the office party.

Wednesday - Didn't train again. Ate too much leftover from the party. Am I fired from dorkdom?

Thursday - Vinegar worked but not as well as I had hoped. My cotton uniform smelled decent the entire class but my tank top had a little sour sweaty smell at the end. Coming out of a plastic bag at home, the whole thing gave out mildew-y smell although not as strong as before.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just smelly...


  1. Perhaps you'll smell *delicious.* Maybe put some soy sauce in the fabric softener compartment, and a couple slices of ginger in the dryer....

  2. no for sucheela it should be coconut milk, curry paste, and fish sauce...that would smell good too right?

  3. You haven't been smelly. Maybe it was just the summer time and everyone was smelly.