Friday, November 30, 2007

Keep Clean

My uniform collection grew to 5 uniforms - 3 blue and 2 orange. That's only because I'm too lazy to clean them every so often. The unintentional consequence of this infrequent laundry is mildew smell - especially t-shirts/tank tops I wear under the uniforms. Fresh out of the dryer, they smell nice and clean. Not so, once they absorb a leeeeettle bit of my sweat...

I have heard a few laundry tips from our changing room:
  • Wash in 2 cycles.

  • Use dish washer detergent.

  • Sprinkle baking soda over the laundry.

  • Boil them.

  • etc...

Here's a new one. published a top 10 food and drink hacks. At number 7 is how to clean everything with vinegar including mildew towels which I assume should work with my mildew uniforms and tank tops.

I will give it a try and post the result once I get all my uniforms dirty. In the meantime, if you have tried-and-true laundry tips, please share.


  1. It really helps (for me) to just hang them up when you get home. Don't bother trying to rinse them out or anything (unless you're into it), just hang `em up. Then you can wash them when you get around to it.

    Also, cotton good, synthetics bad.

  2. Yep, i do the same thing, rush home, put them hanging next to the steam. Then when the time comes wash them.
    Since i really dont have a washer machine, i hand wash them in cold water and detergent then hang them again by the steam over night while i dream and stuff :-P
    Morning time comes crispy clean!

  3. i havent tried it but i heard murphy's oil soap works
    heng Zang

  4. murphy's oil as in the thing we use to clean the floor?

  5. hahahah wood cleaning soap? so when you stretch at the side of the temple, you not only have a mildew free shirt but you can polish the floor too lmao jk

  6. Did you try it yet? I would like to know the results.