Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Level 1.5

So last night all but one of the new Level 2-ers turned out for our first orange training session. It was exciting, after hearing about how small those classes can be, to see a solid 21 people line up. It was very October-y with all that orange.

I was thinking, well this first class can't be as scary as your first day ever training, because at least now you know some stuff, and at least you aren't alone in your newbie-ness. Right? .... Ok, scary, no. Different, yes. Hard, double yes. Soreness inducing, very much yes. I don't know why, us first timers didn't do any new moves, maybe it was the result of being tense the entire two hours, but at the end I felt wiped like I did when I first stared training. Not to say we didn't learn anything new. We learned quite a bit about what needs fixing on all of our basics. There's so much there to work on, that watching the older Level 2 folks whipping out forms I felt more like Level 1.5. In a good way. I felt excited about the whole new world of things I had to learn and about the hard work still do do before I could get there. Definitely not going to let up on Level 1 training. Have to work on my caijiao...... Here's my inspiration....

So that I don't look like this:

(j/k, she's just sad because she broke her uniform...)


  1. what a great post! i heard you guys were really great last night & how wonderful that you have an awesome group to work & sweat with!
    plus you look good in orange!

  2. everything was new and exciting!

    2 hours went by really fast (except those frog jumps)

  3. Wow! So exciting!! It's like being a freshman in high school after being top dog in middle school. Ah! The continuum of beginning new adventures !!

    hmm... Where was that photo taken? In the women's dressing room? And are all orange uniforms see-through? ;)

  4. nice metaphor, Leo. The answer to your questions are yes, and maybe. :)

  5. I was bummed because of my bloody pinky (due to a Love-Kick from Cheng), and because my uniform ripped open, romance-novel style.

    I am sore today, and excited for tomorrow.

  6. "...ripped open, romance-novel style..."



  7. Is that a mirror in the girls room?

  8. yes, richu, that's the mirror that used to hang above the bathroom sink at the old temple.

    what? you want one too? to see how handsome you are? :)