Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The hair (that ain't) up there

Ever since the loveliness of shaving my head people have asked how it feels to train with it. I haven't been able to come up with a really definitive answer other than "sweaty." Without my lovely locks (short though they were) to hold in the sweat, I find it coming down my face a la a Gatorade commercial. Only it isn't red or yellow or blue. Not yet.

What this results in is a lot of wiping my face. Not biggie, except I fidget enough as it is, and there really aren't many dry spots on my uniform by the end of class. But tonight I encountered one unexpected and bizarre Shaolin injury. I looked in the mirror when I got home tonight and my nose was bright red. I had rubbed it so much I had chapped it! Ow!

Of course, shaved has its benefits too: no worries about how to strap it back for training, no muss no fuss in the mornings, lots of compliments from strangers. And it feels great. So now that it's gotten juuuuust long enough to warrant a little shampoo again, (yes I was still washing my head just not with shampoo) I have to make a decision about letting it grow out or keeping it short. Keep it short I have to learn to leave my nose alone. Grow it long, it's back to brushes and blow dryers... Ah the many unexpected decisions of Shaolin...

P.S. My legs hurt... :P


  1. Mohawk! a la Mr. T!

    That way, you'll have the best of both worlds. Hair AND no hair!


  2. Alas all bets are off. I was asked to be in a wedding in June... looks like it's time to start growing out....

  3. lol mohawk ala shen

    why your nose though sweat on your nose isn't a problem...just in the eyes

    i do have to wipe a lot at stretch time though, the rest just when it gets in my eyes

    when i first started training i wore a headband but they got too sweaty too quick and really nasty even after washing, they worked though for keeping sweat out of the face

    it should fly off though if you pop correctly =P

  4. i'm with sucheela! blond, baby, blond! for the wedding! although i worry it won't be so soft after that & it is so soft!