Wednesday, October 17, 2007

-Funny title here- too sore to think...

Heng Mo and I were joking that there is a sadist/masochist mentality at work in training. Our teachers like hurting us and we like letting them :) Of course, that's not true; it's not about hurting, it's about pushing ourselves. There is beautiful pain and then there is just injury, and it's important to recognize the difference.

With the advent of Level 2 and being work-free I basically have the opportunity to train every class all week. But while that would be a chi-tastic way to push myself, I don't want to hurt myself either. It's hard to reign in the enthusiasm, in favor of sensible pacing of oneself. Level 2 has left me with all sorts of beautiful new soreness and while I did train Level 1 last night, I'm resisting the urge to train it again this morning before L2 tonight. I know that I have to give my body some time to heal itself and to adjust to the new rigors of every day training; you can't just go from running one mile a day to running ten. I want to push through pain, and work out soreness, but I don't want my shinsplints to develop into crippling pain that prevents me from training at all. So I'm pacing myself, trying to harness my tendency to over-exert, so that I'm always making myself stronger. Besides, I hear (though I think it's an urban legend) that there are other things to do in New York besides train all the time.....


  1. I am a little envious that you even have the choice of training or not. It is a wonderful dilemma!

    I need more chi! I want to train all the time!

    I usually train multiple days in row at temple, sometimes everyday of the week. But, I don't know the rigors of Level 2 yet. So I don't
    know if I will train everyday when I get there. The body does need time to rest. The body is also pretty amazing at adjusting to any physical demands. You know your body best.

    By the way, it is not just an urban legend, there are other things to do in New York. You can train forms in the park. You can train at No. 1 soup. You can train at dim sum. You can train everywhere! Temple is in the heart yo! We take it with us!!

  2. I did the level 1 & 2 in one beautiful day thing. Once.

    Actually, if I was a bum, I'd do it again. It's pretty hard to concentrate during level 2, though :-)

  3. I am not a bum! I'm just free from the constraints of a full-time job... :) I think I will be up for trying the 2 a days next week, but right now everything hurts. I'm going to take a hot hot shower, take some glucosamine and put heat on my poor legs. Must learn to jump properly...

  4. training twice a day is great. you feel really loose for level 2. as long as you have some tasty chi-filled lunch (#1 etc.) then you'll be fine. just keep stretching and youll stay open and wont give your body a chance to get sore. until the next day mwahaha.

    but seriously it's not that bad. i would more except i prefer to go home and sleep for an extra two hours more than going to train =P

    so yea i'd recommend starting next week maybe.

  5. 3-a-days! Get in that kids class :P