Friday, August 31, 2007

Let's do the time warp again!

Everyone goes through cycles in training; someone moves, changes jobs, takes a break, and we see less of them for awhile. Then with a resurgence of chi and some free time they come every day for a month. Now with several people cross training gymnastics, starting school, spending more time in L2, and gearing back up after the summer, the group of faces in the evenings is cycling again.

Of course that also means we get the wonderful joy that comes with seeing a face that's been absent for awhile. Last night the door buzzed and I answered it, someone put their hand over the camera, but I suspected I caught a glimpse of a long lost shaolin brother. Turned out I was right as Heng Nai walked through the door.

I didn't know Nai that well before he moved, but he was one of the first faces I remember seeing when I started training and it was great having him surprise us all. On top of that, Randy trained with us last night as well, something that also used to happen more when I first started but hasn't as much lately. Xu taught which was more normal when I started because I was taking day classes. Then when Zhou (who signed me up in the first place) showed up halfway through class, my nostalgic return to last summer was in full swing.

It was a great class, a great time to reflect on where I started and how much I've learned. I really felt like I attempted every move with as much chi as possible, especially my jumps, and my erluquan felt a lot better, so I felt really ready and was really happy when I got to learn a little more.

When we went out for soup after it was fun having a totally different crowd around the table. On the way home I got to ride the train with Heng Shi, who I've never had the chance to chat with for very long. Lesson: Making new friends and learning new moves is fun, but it's nice to appreciate and continue developing those you already have. Ah metaphors!

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  1. Heng Nai is awesome!! I know of him but he doesnt know me ... still tonight he saw I was working on my stuff early before L2 and gave me a bunch of great advice and a few exercises which I will get on immediately.