Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it."

So yesterday I tried something new. I tried doing my pubu chuanzhang on the opposite side. After a few futile attempts when i first learned it, I had relegated that to the bottom of my list, never wanting to try in the middle of class and slow the line down. Luckily, at the park on Saturday Sucheela and I worked through it and I was able to implement the new side during basics last night. I was still a little slow; there were times when my brain backfired and I rotated the wrong way or made a fist in chamber at the end instead of my extending arm. Oops. But mostly it worked out ok. It's funny how I train so hard to create muscle memory for my moves, then I have to undo it all to change sides... Teach me not to wait so long to do both.

Next up - I can put them off no longer - left handed cartwheels.


  1. i am a big fan of missy elliott! i remember seeing her in concert in 1998 when she was promoting her first album, and it was exciting to see a female rap star. she was a lot heavier then, and it was a bit funny seeing this big woman in a track suit do all kinds of coordinated movements in the heat of summer. you could tell she was workin' it hard.

    and then, a few years later, with a warning about her health from her doctor, she lost a ton of weight through working out and adopting a better diet because she put her mind to it, and looks even more fabulous now. i don't believe she did anything drastic like staple her stomach and hopefully no diet pills.

    it goes to show that oftentimes, if you put your mind to it, and train harder, you can achieve great things, and that it's never too late!

  2. I ripped my favourite cargo pants learning pubu the other side... It was really late one night when we were building the temple. Good thing I had a change of clothes.

    *no pubu in civilian pants!

  3. And don't gorget my mad sewing skylz! (Ungrateful)

    Also, Hannah, you forgot something: