Friday, May 25, 2007

Magic mirror, tell me today. Did all my friends have fun at play?

Yesterday I was a bit of a mess. I was out late on Wednesday and had to pack my kung fu bag hastily in the morning, so I forgot my feiyues for the first time ever! Also, I wanted to finish up a report at work before I left the office, resulting in me leaving 5 minutes later than I normally do. Rush rush rush!

Class was smaller, probably due to it being a Thursday before a long weekend. There were 29 of us, and quite a few of the usual suspects did not show. Heng Ch'ieh's sister, Heng Chu aka Aubrey, was in town. She filmed us while we were training, which at first was slightly distracting, but it also encouraged me to focus better and push myself harder lest I get captured on film training sleepy style!

I did wall stretch with Shi (Charlotte) and a new student, Taylor, who wears a green bandana over her hair. On Tuesday, Niederwelt and I stretched with another new student, Lani, who is very tall and slender with long dark straight hair and many silver rings. Stretching with different people is a nice opportunity to meet others; it also serves as a nice reminder of how far we have come in terms of training and stretching.

During forms, Shifu observed me from the other end of the carpet working on Erluquan and gave me some extra love. I practiced over and over again the last bit that Han taught me recently as Shifu yelled at me things I should have been doing with my hands and head. Argh! Train harder!

For dinner, we got together a nice big crew, many of whom had never joined us before. Do you remember the kids' show Romper Room when Miss Molly would call out names of kids while looking through her magic mirror? I saw Jaka and John Sid and Colleen, Charlotte and Hannah and Billy, Richu and Leo and George, Mike J. and Lada and Yuri (another new student, sort of -- she's Korean and trained for a few months a long time ago till she broke her ankle outside of class) -- a whole smorgasbord of folks! Good times...

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