Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Everybody's got a little light under the sun*

Last night's class for me was tough! During ceshoufan I got kicked in the leg. And as Quantou led the line during waibaitui and I was anchoring the end, we nicked each other in passing. All banging aside, I was surprised that it was my second class in a row that Shifu didn't pick on me for anything specific. I guess being sent to Kung Fu Kindergarten every once in a while can be a good thing.

Curiously enough, after Shifu finished working with the side, he came over and sent most of the people practicing their forms to work with Chris Erk aka Moneyfoot on tenkong fanyao, leaving just a mere handful of us to continue with forms. So Mike J., Hannah R., Patricia, George, Jaka and I had the entire half by the mirrors to ourselves, while the rest of the class (at least 30-something) were congregated on the other half of the carpet doing their various lessons. For a while, it was non-stop forms action for the six of us, which was fun, but EXHAUSTING!

After a while, Shifu sensed that I was losing altitude, so he took pity on me and told me to jump in with the tengkong fanyao bunch for the last ten minutes of class. I appreciated the "breather" and also the opportunity to work with Moneyfoot, who is a brilliant leaper and a good teacher. He reminded us never to look at the ground and to keep our heads up. In telling us to pop our hips, he said to imagine we had flashlights attached to the front of our pelvises, and that they should be shining up to the ceiling when we pop.

By the time we sat down at Thai Son for a post-training meal, I actually felt beat and kinda woozy, but definitely in that satisfied happy way that a good bowl of soup can remedy. And it was superfantastiche to catch up with Heng Zu, whom I hadn't seen in ages!

* The post title is a lyric from "Flash Light" by Parliament. I am going to have this song running in my head everytime I attempt tenkong fanyao from now on...

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