Saturday, February 24, 2007

faster route to soup!

I walked to get soup with Hannah today. We were in a rush to get there and back because Shifu said he didn't have much time. I think we were pretty quick taking the red route avoiding the China Town crowd. We walked East on Grand St., turned right on Center, turned left on Hester and then right to Baxter St.

According to
Google Maps and, the fastest route is through Canal St. (blue route) -- which is not true.

I've tried that route. Fighting my way through mad China Town shoppers takes a lot of chi and time....

Next time I'll try walking down on Grand until Baxter.

Heng De pointed out that the temple is actually below Grand. When I did Google Map I gave a wrong address.... Hannah and I actually walked down Howard, not Grand. That's why we didn't walk all the way to Baxter.... I guess I..... need to train harder...


  1. take howard, the green point is wrong, we're below grand street, so its quicker to make a left coming out of temple then walk down howard, then the rest is the same.

  2. oh yeah the map is wrong

    we actually walked on howard :)