Monday, February 26, 2007

I Heart Training: The ? vs. the !

I still have a sword in my buttcheek, and repetitions of Erluquan are making my lower back sing a constant dull ache.

But amidst all of that, I have been feeling pleasure from watching people at Temple, who started training well after I did, advance quickly and beautifully.

And amidst all of THAT, I felt particular pleasure on Saturday, when, for the first time, Shifu asked me to teach someone. What an absolute honor. And, predictably, through that experience, I ended up learning quite a bit myself.

What surprised me the most, was that the humility I felt at being asked to teach someone else, far outweighed the normal humility I feel when I am corrected... or, shall we say, sharply urged on, during the normal course of training.

I realized that when I am moving in demonstration before Shifu, or anyone, as I am being watched, my movements bear a question mark, particularly while I am first feeling my way through a form. But when my movements were intended to provide an answer to someone else, I found it necessary to summon strength and confidence, sharpness and extension, and found, resultingly, that my movements instead bore an exclamation point.

What I learned from my teaching experience was this: that in transforming a question into an exclamation, the curve of the question mark is forced to unbend-- POW!-- and to extend-- BAM! and that is where I found the answer: in the length, the explosion, the strength-- in the pure power, gushing forth, entirely, infinitely, from within.

And oh yeah... another lesson? I still, and always will, have a lot to learn!



  1. what a beautiful entry...

    i heart your post

  2. Awesome!! It's always a wonderful experience to teach others. As you teach others, it makes you question and relearn what you've been taught.