Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stretch Harder!

Last night in class, I learned some new stretches.

First, I stretched with Neo and Ren. We did this one stretch that's good for the hamstrings and the back of the legs in general. I sat on the floor with legs out straight in front and feet pointed up. Ren sat facing me, with her feet against mine, and her feet pushed down against mine, so mine were bending towards me. In the meanwhile, Neo put his back to mine and leaned backwards onto me, so that I was folding in half at the waist towards my legs, and back straight, as always. See crude illustration number 1 below:

Fig. 1

Next I met up with Branden who taught me yet another stretch, this time for two people. You basically sit with your legs on the floor in V formation facing each other. You grab ahold of each other's forearms. Then, the person assisting in the stretching places his feet closer in along your legs, leans backwards and pulls you and your arms back towards him, so you lean forward and your legs stretch out wider. And then you can reposition yourselves and go the other way to torture the other person! See crude illustration number 2 below:

Fig. 2

It's good to mix it up!


  1. it can get really intimate stretching by fig. 2 when both people are fairly flexible >_<

  2. Love the stick figures!!
    Sucheela, find people that are flexible as you! :) I don't know what you're talking about! Aren't you pretty flexible yourself?

  3. Funny, you weren't smiling like than when I was stretching your legs...

  4. even if i'm grimacing on the outside, it's nothing but smiles on the!!!

  5. so you'd better find the right person to stretch with then huh sucheela...