Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the Importance of Being Oldest

At dinner last night after the class, we talked about how a lot of people don't show up to Level 1 classes anymore after they passed to Level 2. And how much more fun and more chi the class is when older (Kungfu age) people train.

I think with the style of Kungfu that we train, students become better, movements more natural, the more and longer we train.

This is why it's always a treat when people who've been training for a long time show up to train with us in the class. They are inspiring and full of chi.

But since we are not monks, living in the middle of nowhere, we have other obligations in life as well. Some of us physically moved. Some moved on. Some just have to deal with life vs. training schedule.

For those of us who are still training, I just quit my job and won't be working for a while. You'll see me more regularly at the temple. :)

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