Monday, June 30, 2008

June Finale

My family is in town; I haven't had a proper night's rest in two weeks; I've been traveling all over, gone to two weddings, and didn't get any food yesterday until 4:00. Whine whine whine whine. I didn't think I was gonna be training, THAT'S for sure. But when my siblings decided they wanted to just bop around the city this evening I decided to end the four day training drought and get my body and mind a step closer to normalcy. Maybe I would pass out/throw up/ really want to die, but I needed to do it.

Turned out to be a very hot, fast, and excellent class. I thought that the dehydration and exhaustion were going to be near-insurmountable hurdles. But while there were definite moments of dizziness and fuzzy brain, the 4-day-off-flexibility and healed joints counter-acted my tiredness and I had a lot of fun going down the line. My jumps actually felt stronger, my kicks were high, and mentally I was totally there, making myself laugh with silly training jokes. (At one point, I had a visualization of Eric having a fight with a giraffe.) Even at the end when I knew liyu dating was coming and I questioned my body's ability to make it, I was able to shake the cobwebs out and go for it.

I'm especially glad I returned to the groove because tonight my little sister will be joining me in class and I want to be back in gear. Good to know that reservoir chi is always there even when you least expect it.

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  1. What happens if a Giraffe gets an itch in the middle of the neck?