Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Roller Coaster Chi

Last night was one of the most difficult classes I've had training. Not because of Heng N'ou who was teaching or the hot and humid air. It's this unbearable pain and pure frustration.

After each of the jump, I almost broke down in tears.

I guess it's time I admit my limitation.

I started hurting my right knee over a year ago. And just recently I felt myself stronger. I was able to stop using knee braces and go through classes without pain. I felt chi through the roof and I could train as much as I wanted!

But it came back - the pain - with vengeance. This time it moved to my left knee. What did I do? What should I do now? I want to keep training because it's one of a few things I have that keep me sane. But this pain and frustration is driving me even crazier. This is no-win.

I guess I'll just go insane for a few weeks until my knees heal then.


  1. Doctor yourself and come back with crazy sucheela chi!

  2. If jumping is repeatedly hurting your knees, perhaps it is time to go to a sports therapist and/or physical therapist. They might be able to figure out if it is a posture issue or ligament damage. And also be able to prescribe the next best course of action.

    I wouldn't want to stop training either, but you have to take care of yourself. You have many years of life left and your knees are important!

  3. sry to hear about your knees.. i have similar sounding issues with mine as well. Also cannot bear to stop training! That sux. At times I got instruction and permission to MODIFY training to avoid knee stress which worked well. PT helped, too. Good luck.

  4. my left knee has been weird too. Maybe it's contagious... Let's do swimming, that will make it stronger, and then we can go to the beach :)

  5. Please don't say it's contagious!! I realized that rest is key. Training 6-7 days a week is fun and \m/ but your body needs rest and recovery time as well.

    Take a break but do things to keep your cardio up like swimming with Cheng.