Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Packing for the Retreat?

Now that we are counting down to this weekend-long training away from home, I start to worry about what to bring. From Ji's post last year, she said her 3 uniforms and 10 t-shirts were not enough!

We will only be there for 2 days and 2 nights....

I thought I would just bring 2 uniforms (including the dirty one from Friday night's class), a few t-shirts/tank tops, a pair sleeping pants, a few pair of socks and a pair of running shoes.

Oh and a flashlight and sunscreen and lots of cookies for the road.

What are you going to pack? What else should I pack (other than the suggested 17 t-shirts)?


  1. Uniforms: Dirty L2 uniform, two blue uniforms top, feiyues.

    Clothes: socks, running shoes, running shorts, 5 shirts, ports bras, stuff to sleep in.

    Other: sunscreen, toothbrush, etc. hair clips, cookies.

    I figure I'd rather have to wash my uniforms and stuff than pack a ton in space that could be used for more cookies.

  2. 10 t-shirts is enough unless you sweat like Skrlj

  3. What if you frequently rip your pants like Skljrrll?