Monday, May 19, 2008

Flippin' sweet!

I often play a little game with myself in my head, thinking about maybe perhaps possibly not training even when I know 99.9% that I will. I am very glad I didn't give in to that vague inclination today because tonight's class - well frankly, it rocked. N'ou has been busy of late so he has been popping in and out of L2 sporadically. I hadn't seen him in awhile, and when he came though the door tonight I started to get excited.

Ok, I was already excited because before class I finally landed my head flip again. I then landed it ten more times!! So when N'ou walked in and then twenty-five of us lined up, I was rarin' to go.

Class was so much fun. The chi was amazing and my SBS was dormant, I was able to kick so much better that N'ou even had me demonstrate lunbi caijiao. Even though that promptly made me forget how to do it right, it still didn't dampen my chi. When it came time to do liyu dating, I landed the head flip each time on my first try! At the end of the class we got to work on some DHQ and I ended class feeling even better than when I started.

It's always a lovely reawakening to find class exhilarating and fun when it has been fraught with pain or a ponderous energy. It's a great way to feel right before the retreat and a wonderful way to start the week.


  1. I saw your head flips. They were amazing! :D

  2. Amituofo! I don't know if they looked amazing, but it sure felt amazing to finally land them.