Sunday, April 13, 2008

Testing, schmesting!

So testing weekend came and went, and life still goes on!

Sure, we each could critique ourselves at length for we probably know best what we could have popped better and extended more, but overall, I agree with Leo's thorough recap that we as a group rocked it pretty hard.

And yeah, I can't wait until certificate ceremony on Sunday to find out who gets to wear an orange uniform next (please let me be one!), but
considering just six short months ago, I was wondering whether I'd ever set a sweaty foot on that green carpet again, I am absolutely thrilled that I made my recovery in time to show Shifu that I learned erluquan and hopefully improved my basics and other forms. In the end, the lesson I take away is that don't take for granted what amazing things we are accomplishing by training. Training in itself is achievement!


So Friday night, mere hours before my testing was to begin, I asked Bestest Boy if he'd like to come see me test, but that I had to clear it first with Temple whether that was permissible to have non-students come and watch. We discussed it somewhat -- he was concerned it might add to my nervousness, or create a distraction akin to what happened the last time I brought visitors (my parents, and then me wrecking my knee), but I dismissed that notion -- part of our training is that we learn to rid our minds of distractions, and focus on the task at hand.

I called Temple in the morning, and Shifu answered the phone, so I asked if I could bring a friend, and he said, Beautiful, no problem. So, it was set -- Bestest Boy would come along to watch and give us chi. On the train ride in, I told him I was so excited and proud that I was gonna be able to show him all my hard work during testing, and he replied that even if he hadn't been able to come, he didn't have to see me in action to be proud of my hard work.

As schmoopy as that may seem, it is true -- be proud of what we've done with our bodies and minds! And, as always, TRAIN HARDER!


  1. I was there all day and watching you do Erluquan was one of the highlights. We're all proud of you! You put a lot of heart into it. It was really cute that you hombre was there too! Hugs <3

  2. If you had looked around the temple after you finished erluquan, you would have seen lots of big smiles and happy faces around the temple.

    I was there all day too and you were definitely one of the highlights! It is sooooo cool that your "Bestest Boy" was there to cheer you on. Awww! So Sweet! :D