Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A strapping young woman...

I've always been minimalist in my uniform. No socks, no straps, so sash. The less I have to fidget with the better. But after a long time of seeing other folks rocking the straps, and getting tired of catching my pants in zuopans, I decided to try them out. It was quite an improvement, though a little hot. I need to perfect my tying technique both in speed and effectiveness, but once that's done I think I'm going to be a straps-on kind of girl from now on. It's great not to trip on your pants (and my elastic is so stretched in the waist one good tug could pull them all the way off!) and also it gives you a new feeling in the way you kick, and allows you to see the line of your leg and body better when you are looking at a move in the mirror. We'll see if I feel the same when summer starts and it gets really hot. Till then, straps stay.

Last night, aside from trying to keep the straps up, I concentrated on two things: relax, and "kung fu is fun." It seems counterintuitive that repeating these phrases in your head would make said activity relaxing and/or fun, but I'm the personality type that needs those things spelled out sometimes or I forget. Combined with the fun of wearing the straps. I had a great class. Kung fu is fun. Meditation, workout and all that aside, it's simply fun to explode and tumble and train. And by relaxing and enjoying myself I do then also reach my goal of getting technically better. I have to remind myself that taking your time and relaxing is not the same as being lazy and not training hard. As Richu/Nike so succinctly put it, "Just do it." And have fun. And wear straps.


  1. I am always fussing around with the sash when I wear it. I was thinking of sewing in belt loops on the pants so they would have a place to go and stay. Has anyone tried this? Or would it be a shaolin fashion faux pas?

  2. leo -- i wear the sash around my waist under my top and pull the waistband of my pants over it, so that my pants don't fall down. also keeps the sash from riding up.

    cheng -- so you are a strap-on kind of girl? hehehe... seriously, though, i think your last point of taking your time and relaxing does not equate lazy is true. look at raa/jin, who is considered by some to be slow, but he is totally precise and relaxed. would anyone accuse him of being lazy and not training hard? i think not.