Thursday, February 21, 2008

Winter Training

Is training at temple affected by the weather? Or is the reason people show up to train as arbitrary and random as a falling snowflake? Today was my first time back in over 3 weeks and being a Thursday night, I was expecting to see at least 30 people. What I saw when I walked in surprised me. There were only about 12 people at 6:45pm and by the time classes started, there were 16 total. At dinner afterwards, I posed the same question to Richu, Sucheela, and Rob. Richu said because it was cold, people stay home. Can this be true? Wouldn't it be easier to train when the temple is not over heated like it is in the summertime when each gasp of humid air is like punch in the face with a sweaty sock?

Maybe it's all a matter of preference. I love winter training. Actually, I love summer training too. I wish we could train outside where we can experience the randomness of mother nature. It would remind us that life is not always the same. It is sometimes bitter (苦), sometimes spicy (辣), sometimes sour (酸), sometimes sweet (甜). It is up to us to experience all that life has to offer and not shy away at the first sign of difficulty or change. Easier said than done of course, when it would be so wonderful to be nice and toasty in bed underneath a warm blanket. Ahhhh!!! No! No! No sleepy style! Must train harder!! :D


  1. yesterday was not that cold, relatively speaking. thank god we don't live in chicago, where i just was last weekend. now that's cold!

    i'd surmise that today, with it's gorgeous snow fall, might draw a smaller crowd.

    i am always psyched to train on a day where the weather seems intimidating. i will grumble as i trudge through the snow, but once i get through the doors at temple, and realize it's gonna get hot in a hurry, it pleases me immensely to have made it there.

  2. awwww

    I feel like you are speaking directly to me -- "life is sometimes bitter, sometimes spicy, etc. It's up to us to experience...."

    Just like when shifu said good! beautiful! in last night's class, I felt it was directed at me. :P

  3. Training goes in waves. Frankly, I can't remember the last class of 30 people. Just wait till L2 where 15 people is a BIG class :)

  4. L2 is going to be much bigger if all of us pass erluquan!!

    And Shifu was talking to you Sucheela!


  5. In my case, those 10-12 hour days at work really kill my ability to show up for class at 7. I get the lots of work shi, no physical chi frownie face :-(

  6. J - that's what you get from quitting IPG

  7. Anyone up for some winter park training? I know the couple times I got sick this winter it's because I didn't dress warm enough. I would like to try warming up in the cold by training. Maybe not topless going down icy steps, but we can get there one layer at a time. After when the chi cools down remember to bundle up and don't forget your mittens.

    Doing forms on solid ice would be fun! Then in the summer practice footwork in the grease pit!! It's nice to get used to footing on different terrain. Same goes for balancing your chi in all weather.

    Also we should go to Marco Polo more. For those of you who don't know what roast duck is, Sucheela can explain it. What I need help with is the name of those homemade broad noodles. OMG so good! Worth standing in mabu with no shirt in the cold...

  8. RW - you are crazy

    ps. duck = 50% bones + 40% fat + 10% meat

  9. The noodles are called 刀削麵 dao xiao mian (knife-sliced noodles). They are indeed excellent.