Saturday, February 9, 2008

Liquid Endosperm-tastic

After not being able to train for over a week because I am performing in a play (thank you to all the KF dorks who came to give me chi!), I trained today. Right before class, I decided to try something new. I usually never drink anything during training, but today I decided to give coconut water (liquid endosperm) a try. Everyone has been talking about how great this natural sports drink is and I had to see for myself. I bought a VitoCoco coconut water from across the street before class and couldn't wait to rip the little tab off the box and gush it down.

During basics, I was dead tired and couldn't really catch my breath. After only 1 week of not training, my KF stamina disappeared. I was almost tempted to drink it right after basics but I didn't because drinking a cold drink right after a heated workout is probably not good for the body. So I was hoping that Shifu would give us a water break during forms. And sure enough he did. I only took a few sips, as I didn't want to overdo it. The coconut water was less sweet than I expected. It tasted more like milky water with a tiny amount of sugar added. It wasn't really delicious but I must admit, my body felt better. There was this warmth coming from my stomach (or was it my Dan Tian?) like a battery being recharged. After a few minutes, I could sense a recharge of energy. It's not like a jolt of caffeine but more like a slow and steady rise of energy. My muscles felt more loose and I had a little more pop on my 5 kicks.

After class ended, I drank the rest of it. And that warmth in my belly came back again. And I must say, I kinda liked it. I am not the type of person to depend on anything before or after training. But this might be my new formula for after training nutrition. "Monsieur? May I have a Number 1 soup and a coconut water please?"

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