Saturday, February 2, 2008


Yesterday, while going down the lines in basics, my chi exploded. A chi-plosion, if you will. To be more accurate, it was more like a build up and then a volcanic eruption. It was amazing and fantastic! I have never felt so much chi before! It was as if every cell and every fiber of my being had just come alive for the first time. Heng Xu felt it too and got out of the way of the flying shrapnel and let me lead line, which gave me another chi-plosion.

Training started pretty rough. I almost didn't make it to temple in time. I was pretty late (11:57am). Yikes! All I remember of my commute was lots of sprinting and wishing the bus/train would go faster. As I walked through the temple doors and said, "Amituofo," I saw a few surprised faces, namely, Ellen and Sucheela's. The night before, I was berating Ellen that she always said she would train Friday morning but she never came. It would have looked pretty bad that I didn't show up while she did. They were ready to pounce like tigers on my egregious mistake. I can only imagine the flurries of IM's and blog lashings they were preparing to unleash from their evil minds. But I made it. Needless to say, I didn't get a chance to warm up.

My muscles felt really tight and stiff from caijiao to xubu, then something happened. During 雙腿屈膝跳 (shuangtui quxitiao), my muscles released. I felt the chi. I began to have an uncontrollable smile on my face a mile wide. The rest of the basics I don't remember so much, except Xu looking at me like I am crazy or have gone bonkers. I just felt the radiating chi exploding from my 丹田 (dan tien). It was one of the few times that I felt my 騰空翻腰 (tengkong fanyao) actually feeling right while I was jumping and twisting.

Of course, once the stretching session came, the chi sort of just started seeping away. During forms, my chi felt low after being so high. Next time, I am going to see if I can keep the chi-plosion going until the end of class. And maybe, just maybe, the chi-plosion will keep going, like a nuclear reaction that never ends.


  1. LOL! I totally had forgotten that Macgyver had a explosion sequence in the intro! But mine is WAY cooler. It's got Chi!! Haha!

  2. you're darn tootin' i woulda pounced on you like a tiger! :)

    i like the accountability we feel towards each other. it is nice to build the chi together. i am glad you teased me into going on friday, leo! amituofo!

  3. See! Aren't Friday mornings fun!?

  4. oooohhhh

    maybe that was your continuation of chiplosion on the dance floor

  5. I used to run long distances. I'm used to flailing my legs and arms uncontrollably for extended periods of time. I could have danced the whole night.