Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Curse of The Dorks!

Did anybody other than me notice this curse? When you become one of the contributors on this blog, sooner or later you either fall out of your training schedule or fall out of writing. It's as if blogging and training have secret force against each other. So far, only Cheng defies the curse. She trains and blogs so regularly I want to give her Top of the Dorks award.

To support my case of the curse, I give you examples:
  1. Mo doesn't write regularly. So she was able to dodge the curse and trains without interruption.

  2. Ji joined the blog and then got a new job and a baby and trains less.

  3. Qbertplaya and I wrote pretty regularly and then we got knee injury (at different times.) Although we are back training, we fail to keep our posting schedule.

  4. Our latest addition, Leo, joined the blog and then got a new fabulous acting role and cannot train as frequently as he did.

You see????!!!? Now give me chi. I'm going to try to break out of the curse! Arrrrrgggghhh!!!


  1. Reverse the Curse Sucheela!!

  2. you have two more days to break the curse!! if you don't- you will turn into a manatee!!