Monday, September 10, 2007

I keep going and going and going.....

As per my last post, there are lots of external factors contributing to how difficult/easy a training session feels. And even though I know I'm stronger, have more endurance, and can train harder than when I began, I still find myself panting and dripping sweat at the end of every class. Don't get me wrong, it's a great feeling, and I know it's a result of pushing myself and not relaxing into a comfort zone, but it does sometimes make it hard to be aware of my progress. Yesterday was no exception, but later that evening, after eating, going with some folks to watch the Blue Vipers for a bit, meeting up with a friend, going grocery shopping, and then going home and cleaning my apartment and working, I realized I NEVER could have done all that when I started.

In the beginning, class left me comfortably wiped of all thought and all energy; whether I got to got to the park or I had to go to work afterwards, I spent the remainder of the day in an exhausted haze. In the mornings I rarely did anything. If I wasn't sleeping then I was lying very still on the sofa, reading and conserving my energy. Now I can wake up, run an errand or do some chores and then go train and have plenty of energy left to not waste the rest of my day. Or on a weekday, get through 8 hours of work then jump on the train for class. Usually around 11pm I get a second wind and want to go out and work on whatever it is I worked on in class that day. On days when I don't train I'm able to get much more accomplished before curling up in my bed. This lets me know, that while I'm never going to make it through a class sweat-free with no shortness of breath (and what would be the point?) I am getting stronger. Heck, right now I'm up two hours early making cinnamon rolls. Hopefully that energy and endurance will also help me make it from one end of erluquan to the other.


  1. ooooohhhhhhh.....

    fresh cinnamon roll for breakfast

  2. yeah... or three... self-control is not one of my strengths....

  3. how true! i often marvel at how much i manage to get done on the weekends on days i train, and how much time i must have wasted pre-KF.

  4. funny because it's such a turn around from how some people feel at the beginning of training, right? all sore & bed-bound, some with black & blue legs. yes, i think physically & mentally training really changes us for the good. i know my boyos expect the same if not longer walks, training or no! more chi!