Wednesday, September 5, 2007


We need new ideas for food after training....

As long as I can remember we've been eating at:
  • Thai Son - 450 times a month

  • Li Hua - once a month

  • Nyo Nya - 0.5 time a month

  • Jaya - 0.2 time a month

  • Occasional brunch places in Tribeca - 0.1 time a month
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE eating at Thai Son. Lovely waiters. Fast and friendly service. Delicious food (especially extra bean sprouts) and cheap!

But sometimes life needs variations, creativity.... and ummm more money?

How about we go here next time? :P


  1. Hahaha! Ice Cream Factory is a GREAT choice! They are sure to have enough flavors for everybody!

    We are in the Chinatown/ Tribeca/ SOHO area. I am sure there are probably more restaurants per block than anywhere else. I know Chinatown pretty well and can suggest quite a few places next time. :)

  2. i hope this was inspired by my green tea ice cream last night (yum!). i think they are only open on the weekends! we do eat thai son alot & if you are saying we should try something else, i have to agree!

  3. I didn't even know they have ice cream at Thai Son until you ordered it last night. Now I crave red bean ice cream!

  4. I've been to Chinatown Ice Cream factory a couple times in the last month with KF people. Where were YOU? :) I am definitely up for more variations on the eating out. And on the nights when it's just us Brooklynites, we could always go somewhere on the other side of the river too.....

  5. congee village is on allen and delancey, a little far but great quality and we haven't been there as a large group in a while. there's also a branch on bowery and spring which i think is slightly closer.

    2nd for shanghai cafe becoming a regular.

    theres also wonton garden on mott.

    theres a huge amount of random chinese restaurants that we could try everywhere. the one next to shanghai cafe looked good too.

    also don't forget marco polo.

    oh yea and there's thai angel right around the corner too.

    but yea there's a ton of restaurants on mott and elizabeth, like the ones we go to for dim sum sometimes. we could just start trying random places.

    so yea that's all i can think of for now. but there's probably still more.