Saturday, August 18, 2007

This and that...

I have shin splints... I also, somehow, have forearm splints.... that's a new one. I'm going through one of those cycles after not being sore for a few weeks to working through a brand new set of aches and pains...but I love it because it means I'm learning something new and hence building new muscles that will make me mighty, like Mighty Mouse. 'Course, I'd feel a little more confident about that theory if Sifu didn't yell at me three times today...... Still, embrace the pain!

Also, during the ol' 5 kicks, I think I may have gotten my first pang of the infamous but heretofore un-experienced shaolin butt sword. I guess it was only a matter of time.... Maybe it was just leftover from doing 7 rounds of caijiao at the beginning of class. I just hope it's not here to stay.

One other note, my middle splits are slowly getting lower, but I usually don't like to get a pull until the third round. Unfortunately, I feel as though stretching time has gotten shorter, because I don't always make it to the third round before Sifu says, "Let's go!" Sometimes I used to get to a fourth round, even when there were four people in the group, and then go do other stretches. Now, with only three people in the stretch, each of us still doesn't always get to go three times. Are we taking longer or does stretching seem shorter to anyone else?

Here's hoping Sunday's class is full of chi, my inexplicable forearm splints are gone, plenty of stretch time, and Sifu doesn't yell at me. Or glower at me. I feel like kfk is in my near future......


  1. I hope Sunday's class is full of CHI!! I wish I could join you guys but I'm shooting a print gig today with ASICS, the shoe company. Maybe I should have asked them if I can wear my feiyuès (飛躍). I found the pronouncing by the way. I couldn't read the simplifed, but that's the traditional. Which just means to jump forward, advance rapidly, etc.

    Anyway, please let me know if you see a guy in a magazine/billboard resembling me wearing a pair of 飛躍 in a ASICS ad!!! Haha! :)

  2. leo, i updated the how to pronounce feiyue post. so the traditional characters you found -- those are the ones heng de thought it was, but then my parents thought it might be 飛越 instead. oh, the confusion!

  3. yea stretching is getting shorter, i think maybe cause the weather is getting cooler he wants us moving more?

  4. stretch time is different everytime, i think, in terms of length. the one thing i do is keep an eye on sifu. you can always tell when he's about ready to yell LINE UP. hope your splints feel better, hannah. leo, will keep an eye out for the asics ad. heng de may be right, it's fall like weather now. how was kareoke?

  5. Shin Splints hurt! I use Arnica to massage my muscles along the inside shin bone. Also I stretch my calf and Achilles as much as possible.

  6. Shin splints are caused by an imbalance in the flexor muscles or the foot--front and back. And old runner's injury.

    Sifu yells at you because he sees potential in you (or you are bugging him!;-). So if he is yelling at you, you should feel good about it. I've been training a couple of years and Sifu yells at me most every class, so at this point, I just have to get used to it.