Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yes ladies and gents, I have broken. At least temporarily. A serious analysis of my protein intake has led me, after nearly 4 years of peaceful vegetarianism, to rejoin the world of the carnivorous. Or at least omnivorous. Not to say one can't be vegetarian and train, but I'm just not able to support the effort required to do so. At least not right now. So I'm experimenting with the meat eating and we'll see how I feel after a few weeks. I have to say, and it's probably too soon to be true, but I kind of already feel better...I trained super hard and felt really good right up to the end. Might have just been all the great chi, but it might have been the animal flesh...Stupid amino acids...Oh well, at least I now can join the cool kids and train No. 1 soup.


  1. hooray from the land of carnivores! pho ga was a good start for you & don't mind all the teasing because you are right, you need to do what is good for the body to fuel to train harder. you probably feel good thanks to the hormones in the meat. delicious hormones! nothing means lovin' like a big fat steak or crispy pork!

  2. If it makes you feel any better. I only eat meat on days that I train.

    The body does need lots more protein when you train hard. You can get the protein from many places instead of just red meat. Eggs for example are a great source of protein and no animals are killed. If you buy organic cage free chicken eggs, then at least you know the chickens weren't poorly treated. You can also try overloading on pasta and soy protein the night before training to give the body an extra boost. I am a master cook of soybeans and tofu! :)