Friday, August 24, 2007


Yesterday I didn't learn a new move, but that's not say I didn't learn anything new. At the end of class a bunch of us got to work on 5 kicks with Heng De, who helped us work on speed and extension especially in the 5th kick. Since the 5th kick is the hardest and clearly requires lots of strength, I trained something even harder that I hope will help, #5 soup.

Ok so it's not quite the #1, but that might have been just too much for my digestion to handle. When I first got the bowl of floating cow set in front of me I almost would rather have done the 5th kick 500 times than eat it. Rob was sitting beside me and was very entertained as I shut my eyes and started eating. I couldn't help it; I knew I wanted it but my brain shouted "No!" It was the hardest training I've done in ages. Luckily, it was delicious, as I knew it would be; I just had to mentally overcome the fear of putting it in my stomach. And my insides didn't hurt at all afterwards, which means #1 is a small step away. Hopefully, all the tendon will help my own tendons whip out a super waibaitui in my 5 kicks. Never would have thought I'd need the mental stamina I learn in class to help me train a bowl of #5!


  1. i think the mind is hardest to overcome (cursed nay-sayer) & the body must do it's bidding. one small step it isn't, soon you will be ready for #1 soup but in the meantime i can take you to excellent dumpling house where i love their beef stew soup, trust me, it's fab!

  2. Interesting how your approach to eating #5 is a good metaphor for training, and at the same time, can be considered training itself!

  3. Heng Fa posted something amusing on ShaolinWolf a bit ago:
    "Well...we got this one guy who started training...he was a vegetarian before he began training, but as he got more and more into training, he started eating meat.

    So one night we are out eating gut soup, and someone remarks that they are so surprised that not only is he eating meat, but guts...that they would have assumed that that would be way too much for him.

    His reply was a rather quizzical look, and he was like, I never ate me it was all disgusting to guts is just animal....then he slurped up some lung and kept eating."