Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today was a day of running. Running in class, running out of class and trying to get to work on time. The question is, was the former worth the latter? Was showing up to work late and not having a chance to eat until after 5 worth getting to go to temple and being made to run for not doing ceshoufan fast enough and sweating in humidity that felt practically solid? Honestly, there was a moment (when I thought I was going to fall on my head) that I wasn't so sure. But even when I was at work, sweating and STARVING, I had to conclude that it was.

I spent a lot of time trying to follow through with my resolution to slow down my movements. And miraculously, things did feel a lot smoother, more balanced, better (except my cartwheels, which were harder than ever). And I also worked at limiting my water intake, not AS successful as I wanted but much better. Altogether, a really good challenge for me mentally and physically, I only wish I had time to wind down instead of bolting to a very hungry afternoon at work. The question now is, will I do it again tomorrow?


  1. You guys missed a really fun class today. And when I say "fun", I mean pain. Because as Shifu said quite a few times today, "Life is pain. Take the pain!"

    It was so humid in the temple today that I actually saw the atmosphere. Like a mini-fog inside the temple. It was wild. And Shifu even turned on both fans!! Can you believe that? It was nice to have a little breeze as we did the first form FOUR times. With lots of pauses in the middle while we fixed our technique. Oh wait, actually, I think the fans weren't on yet. He turned them on after we started practicing forms. I don't remember...

    It was also cool that the thunderstorm came right in the middle of class. It cooled the temple down just a little. It was also funny to see Heng Shen, Heng Jo, and Heng Li taking a shower in the rain. Why wait in line for the shower when you can just walk outside. Right? :)

  2. For a second, Leo, I thought you meant that a mini-storm happened in the temple. Now, that would be funny, if all the crazy chi and activity and humidity we generate in there actually resulted in precipitation. If it happened, I wouldn't be surprised!