Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dorks on the Beach!

Last weekend, a bunch of us got out of the City and headed way East for some R'n'R courtesy of Heng De's parents. Xie xie! We spent many hours on Saturday at the beach, and from the minute we got there, we were a whir of non-stop activity. We practiced jumps, ceshoufans, basics, handstands, pubus, forms, etc. We juggled, threw a football and frisbee, bodyboarded, twirled a staff, dug holes in the sand, jumped in the waves. Constantly moving!

At some point in the afternoon a man came over, his curiosity piqued. He wondered who we were and remarked he was impressed with the fact that we spent hardly any time lounging or reclining or doing the usual lazy beach activities. He joked there was a bet going on whether we had all escaped from somewhere. He smiled when we told him we all studied kung fu together in the City. I was rather proud. :)

Awesome Chi!


  1. wow

    beautiful beach.... and dorks!!!

  2. Such a beautiful weekend! Man those thighs are white!

  3. what a sight we must have been to the beach loungers! great photos & great times!

  4. At one point the guy asked if we were a circus troupe! I think maybe it was our striped umbrella.... Fun times everyone!