Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Celebrate good times, come on!

I'm supposed to be unpacking right now... but I have to share how wonderful it was to start a class with no pain/soreness in my hips, or anywhere for that matter. Maybe because I had to miss Sunday training to move, my body got extra rest. Though I was just there Saturday... and I was moving things up four flights of stairs all Sunday...hmmm... can't be the rest.....Either way, I didn't have to do half an hour of semi-uncomfortable warm ups just to get things moving. All the stars were aligned tonight: I wasn't hungry, I was hydrated, I was pain-free, and I wasn't tired. And with a chi-filled class of 40 it was time to rock n roll.

Everything was easy (funny to be able to say that when I still spent the whole time breathing heavy and sweating like.. I don't know... something sweaty...) But I wasn't nearly as short of breath as usual (partly in thanks to long lines) and my muscles weren't crying and my joints weren't aching - Wow I sure make kung fu sound fun -Seriously though, I half wondered if I was being lazy or something in my basics without knowing it, because I felt so loose and so not-exhausted. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Have I broken some beginner's barrier as I approach my one year mark? Or was it just a good day? Whatever the cause I hope it keeps happening; I was so close to trying the Erluquan sweep on my own. But having already started practicing it at home, I can fairly say I don't think all my chi could have made it look less disasterous. I did, however, get my calves onto the floor during my straddle stretch, which actually might mean I'm hyperextending at the knees, but baby I was down there. Now if only I could harness my chi into unpacking some boxes.....


  1. omg, that picture is hideously funny!

    we missed you at dinner!

  2. The human body is an extraordinary piece of organic machine. It is our mind that stops us from achieving our full potential. That's why Sifu always pushes us to train harder. And he pushes us to understand ourselves.

    I don't get sore anymore either. Which is a reminder to me that I have to train even harder. My body has started to adjust to the rigors of the basic movements. Now if only I can straddle to the floor, wall stretch to the wall, and kiss my toes, I'd be really in some sort of soreness heaven! :)

    "More Chi! Train Harder!"

  3. for me it's different every time i train but i have figured out that with me it depends on the food i have, the rest the night before, all kinds of other details. we should always push ourselves but that said, you could have been having just a good day! here to more of those!