Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summertiiiime...and the stretching is easy.....

Tonight was the biggest class I've been in for a long while. 44 people! The long lines were especially welcome today because it was H-O-T. It was my first really hot training of the summer and it was more than a little- well, ok, it was totally freaking exhausting. I was sweating buckets. I opted to risk throwing up from guzzling water because I figured if I didn't I would end up throwing up from dehydration/overheating. Well, ok, not that much, but I definitely can't wait until I reacclimate to training in the summer and the hazy/wooziness goes away. It was still a great night. Lots of people. Lots of chi. Lots of slippery floor.... Did I mention it was hot? But-

Summer training means warmer muscles means further stretching and less soreness! Hooray! Even though I have to relent and buy a new cotton uniform - I love my airwick ones but I'm poor these days and can't keep trying to keep the same two clean for every class- I am really excited out the super sweaty heat wave that's coming. Maybe that straddle split isn't too far off! Of course, as I was warned with Bikram yoga, (which, if you're wondering, I haven't gotten around to trying yet) I can't let the heat fool me into over-stretching. There's still the potential for injury if I'm not conscientous. Even so, I am very happy; because in addition to further stretching ...wait for it... I'm not sore right now! Even after sitting through soup and the train ride home. I'm not tightened up or stiff or anything. It's such a beautiful thing! I had pretty much reconciled myself to being in a perpetual state of tight muscles unless I just did a good half hour of stretching. No longer. Summer is my friend! Now if I can remember to bring a towel for after class we'll be in business.....


  1. gosh, it's true,i may have to break down & buy a second uniform too but in the meantime, a towel & several changes of undershirts are critical so as not to feel like wet rat (& look like it too!) during summer training. at the end of class, i definitely swooned at heng zhou's imagery of us in a swimming pool! it was painful last night but a great time & as usual more chi!

  2. last summer - I bought one of those light-weight, hi-tech, super-absorbent, folded-into-small-chunk towels. and it was my best investment of the season!