Sunday, June 24, 2007

Practice with care!

Today's lesson is: don't do kung fu in public areas. Last week I accidentally kicked a gentleman's bag on the subway platform while doing an explanatory gesture of a waibaitui. He picked it up and moved, giving me look that made me feel crazy on top of sheepish. Then today, I made an observation to Heng Ji about a level two jump. She proceeded to explain the introductory arm movement then accidentally hit the woman walking behind her in the face! Not hard or anything, just a sort of halfway gesture with her arm. But no one wants to find someone's hand in their face as they innocently walk down Grand St. and the woman was understandable shocked and upset.

Poor Ji! She felt so bad! We were all horrified and apologized profusely, but the woman (who admittedly received the unpleasant shock of being caught in the face by Ji's hand) got exponentially angrier at us as we apologized over and over, then finally decided to accuse us of being drunk and left saying she was going to call the cops. Yikes!

I've accidentally hit people when over-gesticulating on the subway or turning around too fast in a store or something; accidents happen, whether kung fu related or not. Even so, I am fairly cured of ever, EVER even halfway doing a kung fu move outside of temple or my house! I'm curious, has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?


  1. it's funny because kung fu should make us more aware of what's around us & to be more sensitive about our personal space (needing so little) BUT we can be so gung-ho about what we have learned that the opposite sometimes happens. it's a learning experience & thank goodness no one was really hurt (this time)!

  2. I know! In class I try hard not to hit people/get hit, but I guess walking down the street you forget that other people aren't anticipating you spontaneously breaking into kung fu.... But yes, it's very lucky we haven't had to pay for our zealousness by actually injuring someone.

  3. I saw pictures of you guys practicing on the beach!!!

    Looked like a lot of fun.

    I bet you had a lot of space there.

  4. I agree with niederwelt. Part of training is to become more aware of your surroundings. 'Polar Bears and Dolphins'!!!

  5. I wanted to practice on the mosquitos!

  6. yesterday, at the swing dance thing i went to, i kinda half zheng tantuied a woman on the dance floor. i felt so bad. i don't know how to harness my chi!

    billy, who was there playing with the vipers, said next time i should gong bu her.