Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Last night was the first evening class I made in two weeks. Work has been kicking my ass and despite there still being a mountain of paper on my desk, I decided nothing would stop me from getting a different kind of ass kicking.

Basics were tough for me, but not horrible. Because I was concerned about running low blood sugar like the last time I trained, right before class I gobbled down a hard candy, but that was a mistake. I ended up having really gummy saliva that lined my throat, and I had to spit it out a few times. Yuck! I had been dreading my return to training, worried that my flexibility would be shot, but it was actually okay.

During wall stretch with Niederwelt and Hannah R., I went to sit against the wall on the wood, and placed my hands on the floor to steady myself, and discovered I had a nice bruise on my palm below my middle finger on my left hand. Ouch! I have absolutely no recollection of when I did it -- probably during caijiao or something. It is even more pronounced this morning. I am excited to show it to my civilian friends.


  1. Usually the first class back from not training for a while, I would be surprisingly flexible. It's as if all my muscles were loose. A couple of days after, though, I would feel all this muscle ache all over.

    I banged my knee from falling - will see an orthopedist this Friday. Hopefully everything is fine and I'll be able to go back training in no time!

  2. oh no, sucheela! you must have banged it really hard! keep us posted! you are right though, the first class in terms of flexibility is ok, it's the subsequent classes & days that remind you you haven't been training.

    qbertplaya - you were super low on all your movements, so nice to see!
    we missed you at thai son & yes it was not as quick as i thought it could have been. zu said KFDU is one of his favourite sites! hooray!
    see both of you (i hope) thursday.

  3. I too got a mystery bruise yesterday! Only mine is on my knee. Well, not a total mystery, I don't know how it started but I know some overzealous xubus during yiluquan made it worse. Lesson: remember that strikes should not involve striking oneself..... oops...

  4. I have had the same bruise a couple of time and it is definitely from kicking your hand against your shoe. To help I would recommend lacing your shoes differently. It helps to lace the shoes from top to bottom and have the knot at your toes. You can then tuck the knot under the laces. You will then have no knot to bruise yourself with.

    P.S. this is how shifu ties his shoes as well.

  5. Yeap! I vote for bruising from the shoelaces! :) I have the same bruising in the same area! woo hoo!

  6. Nice bruise :) You might want to cut the plastic out at the end of the shoelace. I ended up kicking a little hole in my hand because of the plastic tips.