Friday, April 13, 2007

What to Drink?

What do you drink before, during and after the training?

I've been drinking just water and hasn't felt a need to upgrade yet. I've tried Gatorade, Vitamin Water and hated the taste they left in my mouth. Plus I didn't feel any significant boost of energy from them.

However, I noticed a lot of people drinking different sport drinks. Some people concoct their own drinks (like this guy here.) And lately, I saw people drinking coconut water.

I've heard all kinds of great benefits of young coconut water. So I decided to do some research (aka Google.)

I found this:
From Coconut Development Board of India, young coconut water is good..... It has really high Potassium, helps rehydrate effectively, helps with Cholesterol control. And most importantly, it can help clear bladder infections, remove kidney stones, and improve sexual virility!!!

How amazing is that?

I might have to switch from basil seed drink to this young coconut water...


  1. Last night after training I indulged in Buy 2, Get 1 free Sapporos at Li Hua with Quan Tou, Niederwelt and Billy!

  2. I gotta say, the brown yucky (which is not actually that yucky) works, and works pretty well. A definite improvement over water. Lately, I've been adding a little creatine per a the suggestion of angel07 lover at ShaolinWolf (it's supposed to aid aerobic performance and muscle recovery) and I've been substituting some of the protein powder with some amino acid goop based per Khalid's(sp?) suggestion. Good stuff.

    THe only downsides are that it takes a little time to make it, and if you don't wash your bottle out after you get home, it gets gross. Noting like a mild sugar/protien solution to faster bacterial growth!

  3. Creatine powder? So high tech!

    Another note on coconut water -- drinking too much can have laxative effect (which can be good or bad...hehehe)

  4. You can get some apple or orange juice after the training. It benefit your body.

  5. Since I'm a kung fu slacker, how would I know...but I love Zico, that pure coconut water from Brazil. They advertise it as a healthier alternative to sports drinks... if there is a laxative one likes to spend longer in mabu than necessary!

  6. I drink half of a small bottle of gatorade about a half-hour before practice starts and the other half as soon as we start stretches. I've seen a huge benefit in terms of available energy.

    After practice it's important to eat something right away - I usually just have an apple.

  7. water works fine for me. i do like drinking some pho for lunch though, i always feel like i have more energy in class if i have it for lunch.

    that coconut juice sounds interesting though, maybe i'll try it sometime. Adding all the powder concoctions sounds too complicated for me though =)

  8. where did we get that watermelon smoothie? I remember drinking it when I first started.

  9. I loved the watermelon drink at that Vietnamese place on Bowery south of Grand. It was watermelon and ice blended. I guess we don't go there any more because of the distance, and the extra special ingredients that would appear in soup every once in a while....

  10. it took me a while to find something that worked for me. i found lots of drinks tasted awful or gave me a sour tummy. i am a big believer of the emergent-c drinks quan tuo made me have. it really works! that's what makes my fiji water pink!