Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ummmm.... SWEEP...

Here are tips I learned/overheard for the sweep...
  • Put my hands at the center - right between my legs (Sifu)
  • Extend from my hip while sweeping - which will help me turn (Jian)
  • Go into Pubu before sweeping so I'm low on the floor (Joshua and Han)
  • Keep my body up (Han)
  • Keep my right leg straight (Han)
  • Look where I'm going while keep my body up (overheard Chan taught other people)
  • Keep doing it 8000 times (Jer - Neo)
I'm getting there. In the meantime, does anybody have anything to add or correct me?


  1. I wanted to add to your list! :) Here's the story...I've discussed my forms with one of my colleagues at work. I believe he practices the tibetan style of maritial arts. His pointer was that I should rotate on the balls of my foot. :)

  2. Keep your butt over your foot. You should also strive to keep your body upright, but it's more important to think about keeping your butt over your foot first. Also, try to keep your sweeping foot on the floor.

    Generally, I think it's important to get your body position right at the start, then polish it. Going into pubu, keeping your butt over your foot, and putting your hands in the right place are the key to correct body position.

    After you've done that (you'll know because you stop falling over, and because you can stop in the right place), then it's time to do it 8000 times to refine it. That's when you can concentrate on correct form (watch Brad, things like keeping your body upright, looking where you're sweeping, keeping your leg straight, and keeping your foot on the floor.) and explosive power (watch Sarah, speed and hip extension are key here). I've noticed that incremental refinement is easier with this stage.