Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Banned Food

I have been training for over a year now. One thing I learned (but not only one) is that there are certain kinds of food I should avoid at least 3 hours before training.

Here's my list:
  • Kimchi - gives me gas.

  • Indian food - makes me burp curry in the line.

  • Raw onions - gives me bad breath especially when my mouth is dry while training.

  • Tabasco sauce - burns my stomach while kicking.

  • Milk products including yogurt and cheese - gives me gas and other things.

  • Alcohol - dehydrates and gives me headache.

  • etc...

Surprisingly, coffee is fine for me. I thought that I shouldn't be drinking coffee before training. But I heard somewhere that caffeine is actually good for you when you work out. It causes higher metabolism and endurance or something.

Anyway, I'm not training today. So I'm going to eat very spicy indian food with lots of fresh onions and chillis - followed by milkshake and a beer!


  1. i have learned to stay away from tuna fish sandwiches and greasy chinese food from the take out near my office. those foods make for really difficult training.

    dairy doesn't kill me as much. on the weekend, i will usually eat a bowl of granola with banana and skim milk or yoghurt mixed in.

    i have to be careful not to OD on caffeine on training days. i think it makes my heart race a little too fast sometimes...

  2. milkshake followed by a beer -- have you ever had a beer milk shake?

    at this brooklyn restaurant called schnack, where incidentally a temple classmate (sharon, i think) waits tables, they make a yummy milkshake with their creamy stout ale (kinda like guinness). mixed with either vanilla or chocolate ice cream, it adds a nice malt-like flavor, and the bitterness rounds out the sweetness.


  3. no salads for me too close to training time, ditto indian food or any caffiene - the highs are too high & the lows, well, i would just crash! not a lot of liquids too because then i have to run to the bathroom during the drills. such a fine line we have to walk!
    amituofo to that beer milkshake!

  4. i have ice coffee from pho place sometimes in between lvl 1 and 2, and it definitely does give me a nice little boost, especially combined with the soup. that beer milkshake sounds good too. but it's going to be weird going back to a country where i can't drink legally.