Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Knee Update

I'm healed!

Not exactly but my knees don't hurt constantly anymore. I still can't run down the subway steps without scrunching my face but at least I can run.

Looking back to all my knee injury posts, I can't believe this day is here. All of the sudden, I can go to consecutive classes and jumping around without that sharp stabbing pain in the front of my knees.

Of all the things I tried, I wonder what did it.

  1. Keep training - maybe I got stronger because I didn't give up training.
  2. Sensible shoes - I got rid all my high heel shoes (all except two.) I walk around in sneakers 75% of the time now. The other 25% I still drag flip flops and flat flat shoes around. Not good, I know. But I'm a girl after all.
  3. Stretching - I stretch my legs and back regularly even a couple of minutes while I brush my teeth or before going to bed.
  4. Massage and foam roller - when my legs hurt I either ask somebody to massage me or I do it myself with a high density foam roller. It feels good even if it doesn't do anything.
  5. Psychosomatic - I read this book called The Divided Mind which suggests that pain that occurs for no particular reason are caused by the mind trying to distract your body from emotional/psychological problems. The book also suggests that for some people once they know about it, this trick doesn't work anymore. So maybe this was my case, I learned about it. And now this mind trick is not working.
  6. 4th floor walk-up apartment - maybe walking up and down four flights of stairs everyday helps.
  7. All kinds of vitamins and supplements - I stopped taking them a long time ago. They are expensive. And I'm not convinced they helped with anything.


  1. Injuries are the worst. I am currently out with a herniated disk in my back. It is boring not being able to train so instead I watch videos of female martial artist fighting till I can start training again.

  2. Well I had a knee injury too, but I learned how to nourish my self, now I am dealing with my lower back pain,Amitoufo, more chi train harder!!