Friday, February 25, 2011

Dumb, but fun!

Maybe some of you are old enough to remember the '80s classic, "Gymkata," a dumb action movie starring gymnast Kurt Thomas, who sports a cute almost-mullet.  In this scene, he wanders into the town square where there happens to be a pommel horse type structure that he employs to defend himself against a crowd of attackers.  I remember enjoying this movie when I was a kid.

Watch his technique -- aside from the unbelievability of having a pommel horse right there, do you think his gymnastic manoeuvres would translate well into actual fighting?  Obviously he's a strong guy, but can his kicks be that effective without getting his full body behind them?  And what's up with those random backflips?


(Thanks Wawa & Dave for the video.)

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  1. I tried to view the video on this post. However, it seems to have been removed. Do you have another link to watch it from?