Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keeping Track of Oneself

One of our fellow dorks found this video review on YouTube of Shifu's book, The Shaolin Workout.  I like whoever this guy is -- a former military guy who wanted to get into shape and stumbled across the book randomly and had some thoughtful things to say about it.  He comes off as quite a regular dude.

"vonhismean" says the following at one point:

I'm tired of feeling out of shape.  I'm back to doing this every day, and that's kind of the reason I'm doing this YouTube video....and when I tell people I'm going to do makes me keep track of myself and I feel like other people are watching me....Maybe I'll tend to do better.

Is that perhaps why we sometimes blog?  It's a way to think things out and be accountable to each other, and more importantly, to ourselves.

Anyway, check out his video:

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